Tribute to My Mom

Miki Wright with Mom and Grandma

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to set a side a special day to celebrate our Moms.  I took some time to reflect and give tribute to my Mom, Mrs. Ruby Wright!  She’s been an exceptional role model and continues to inspire me and many others with her joie de vive (joy of living).  You may have heard me share that she went to Beauty School when I was an infant.  Some things that you may not know about her, is that she was an Award Winning Hair Designer, was very active in Beauty Associations and she ran several very successful Salons – some at the same time!  She instilled in me a lifelong desire for learning and her personal quest has never ended.  After starting college right after high school, she met my dad, got married and had me and my two sisters.  Throughout the years she continued to take classes off and on and just a few years ago, she took the time to complete her Bachelor’s Degree and she is currently taking classes, which will probably result in a Master’s degree.  Needless to say, I’m super-proud of her.

In addition, I’m eternally grateful to my mom for taking us to all kind of lessons – piano, ballet and even ‘White Gloves and Party Manners’ to learn charm and grace and which fork to eat with!  Because of my passion for fashion, when I was 13, she allowed me to attend Modeling school – which was life changing and, a much needed, confidence building experience for me.

She made sure that we went to great schools, that we got to travel and see some of the world.  Although I had no idea that I would end up in the Beauty Industry, she used to take me with her to Hair Shows.  I’d see all the magnificence and grandeur of the shows and models and watch long straight hair being transformed into short wedgy looks with lots of volume!  How did they do that?  I’m sure those were the early seeds of fascination and love of haircutting and design!

Another pretty incredible fact about my mom, is that she allowed each of us to be who we were – as long as we stayed within certain boundaries of respect, doing our school work and, of course, our housework.   When my dad passed away when I was 16, she stepped in and did her best to make sure that, although we missed our dad, that we didn’t miss a beat on living the lives that they envisioned for us.

I was recently asked if I had parents who supported my dreams and goals of entrepreneurship?  The answer is “yes”.  Did that make a difference in in my life?  Absolutely!

Words can’t express my gratitude for all the sacrifices (ones that I knew about and those that I didn’t), the support and inspiration that I have received and continue to receive from my mom!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  Thanks for helping to make me who I am today!

Special thanks to my sister for supplying me with the perfect photo (although she didn’t even know I was working on this).  In the picture, I was my mom’s model in a Hair Competition and as you can see, we won!!!  My grandmother was also there for support!

As always, Keep reaching for the Stars,

Miki Wright

Salon Business Coach

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Miki Wright recently received “The Legend Award” by Bronner Bros. International Beauty Shows and with more than 23 years’ experience as Stylist, Salon and Spa Owner and now Salon Business Coach, she is considered one of the top authorities in the Beauty Industry. She is the author of the “$ecrets of the Millionaire Stylist!” Series “The Ultimate Guide to Building a Thriving Clientele” and “Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST!” and “Seeds for the Future; The Stylist Guide to Financial Success” as well as the creator of which is featured in the December 2008 issue of Beauty Store Business Magazine. Wright, known for her down to earth style, is the former owner of Fabulous Finishes Salon and Day Spa in Silver Spring, MD, featured in Essence and Washingtonian Magazines and selected by Salon Today magazine for three consecutive years as one of the 200 fastest growing salons in the country!

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