THE KEY to filling your Salon Chairs and your Bank Account

cc big-bills-moneyThere is absolutely no business on earth that can survive without customers or clients – including your Salon business!  We need clients and we need them to come in consistently so that we can meet our expenses (business and personal) and stay in business.  So it seems that with something that is so vital to our success, we would have a plan.  But, unfortunately, most of us would prefer to ‘just do hair’ or to do ‘just about anything else’, than to make a plan – (including me sometimes)!

So how do we make something that we know ‘we need to do’, enough fun that we will do it?  Yesterday, I attended a Dreamlinks Networking Event and the topic was ‘Marketing’ – how timely!  One of the things that Clare, Accountability Coach with,  mentioned was giving all of the available ‘marketing strategies’ the ‘personality test’.  What’s that?  It’s choosing 3 different strategies (out of the many) that are a fit for your personality!  Because if it’s not a fit for you and your personality, even though it worked for someone else, “you’ll find every excuse not to do it!”

I remember starting out my career at a really busy Salon, with lots of talented Hair Stylists, with lots of BIG personalities and I felt so shy and insecure – when I compared myself to them.  But with lots of encouragement from my mom (who’s a talented Stylist and Salon Owner) and my Mentor/Salon Owner, to ‘just be myself’, it finally sunk in.  I’m not ‘the comedian’ so don’t TRY to be funny.  I’m not ‘the expert’ who knows everything and barely listens to the client.  I’m not ‘the great storyteller’ who has everyone glued like they’re watching the latest ‘Housewives’ show.  All I can do is bring my talent and my personality and a spirit of wanting to serve and help people look and feel their best!  And that’s the same thing that I need to bring to attract them into my Styling Chair or my Salon!

Once I find a few marketing activities that fit with my personality (even though some may stretch my comfort level), I find that I’m much more able to commit to doing them on a regular basis – and I even look forward to them, because they’re fun!  As Flylady says, “Make it fun and it will get done”!

Keep reaching for the Stars,

Miki Wright

Salon Growth Coach

P. S. If you need help with marketing ideas, check out my book, Building Your Clientele 101. 

P.S.S.  If you need a ‘Marketing Plan’ to help you keep your chair and your bank account full, join me in New York City next month at the International Beauty Show (IBS-NY) for my 3 hour Workshop “I have a Marketing Plan”, where you will actually create one (don’t worry, it will be fun and painless) and you will leave with YOUR OWN Marketing Plan in your hands!!  Pre-registration is required and spaces are limited, so don’t delay!  Your Salon Success depends on it!  To register, visit


Miki Wright recently received “The Legend Award” by Bronner Bros. International Beauty Shows and with more than 23 years’ experience as Stylist, Salon and Spa Owner and now Salon Business Coach, she is considered one of the top authorities in the Beauty Industry. She is the author of the “$ecrets of the Millionaire Stylist!” Series “The Ultimate Guide to Building a Thriving Clientele” and “Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST!” and “Seeds for the Future; The Stylist Guide to Financial Success” as well as the creator of which is featured in the December 2008 issue of Beauty Store Business Magazine. Wright, known for her down to earth style, is the former owner of Fabulous Finishes Salon and Day Spa in Silver Spring, MD, featured in Essence and Washingtonian Magazines and selected by Salon Today magazine for three consecutive years as one of the 200 fastest growing salons in the country!

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